EuroAvatar 3 Price Information

To give us a chance to plan better we will offer you two special options for booking your ticket.

  1. Pay in two rates!

    The deposit payment must be done and
    transferred not later than 01 March 2013.

    The remaining payment must be done and
    transferred not later than 01 May 2013.


Lump-sum without extras (e.g. material cost for workshops)

  • Camping in your own tent:

    Total Price: 214,- Euro
    Deposit Payment: 50,- Euro
    Remaining Payment: 164,- Euro

  • Bed in a 17-bedroom:

    Total Price: 250,- Euro
    Deposit Payment: 70,- Euro
    Remaining Payment: 180,- Euro

EuroAvatar 3 Registered participants:

'eveng te atan, Apokya, Blue Elf, Candace, Hifkey'Tiranyu, Ikxeru, Toph (Nicole), Palulukanae Tarontu, Plumps, Pukapa Nari, Raster, Stachel, Talis, Tanri, Vipkan, Wiesel, Taengel, Toruk'makto, Tsu'tey, Passi
Special guests: Paul Frommer and John

EuroAvatar 3 Registration

Registrate to this Event by writing an e-mail containing the following informations.

For Registration please send an e-mail with the following text to reg(at)euroavatar(dot)org.
A confirmation will be sent, including the bank details for your payment. The registration is complete once the payment is transfered to me.
Afterwards i will send you a final confirmation to your e-mail address.


Real name completely:

Your Address
Postal Code:

Spoken Languages:

Phone-number (optional):
Email address:
Date of birth:
Are you vegetarian?:
Are you interested in climbing at the high rope course?:
(costs additional 20 Euro)

(here is room for questions or important informations about you)